Grade #1 Quality Mixed Used Shoes

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    At Bata Enterprises, we take pride in ensuring that every tier of our graded used shoe packs are high-quality, no matter if they're like-new or gently worn. That includes our Grade #1 used shoe packs, which are hand-picked for their quality and potential life.

    Every shoe that passes through the Bata Enterprises warehouse is hand-checked for quality and usability, by our in-house team of shoe-grading experts. This process ensures that we only pass the best quality on to our consumers, whether that's a creme-grade athletic sneaker, a grade #1 piece of casual wear or a grade #2 piece of formal-wear.

    When you purchase a grade #1 used shoe bundle, you're guaranteed variety. Each bundle that we ship contains a fair split of name-brand athletic shoes, leather-only dress and casual shoes, children's shoes and ladies shoes. This helps ensure a balance, for your warehouse and for your customers' preferences.

    Bata Enterprises is head-and-shoulders above our competition when providing variety in our used shoes bundles. Unlike other wholesalers, if we don't have variety, we don't ship.

    In each bundle of Africa grade #1 used shoes, you can expect to receive:

    • 6 pairs of sports shoes (male and female)
    • 4 pairs of men's dress shoes
    • 10 pairs of children's shoes
    • And a mix of matched ladies' shoes

    In a 50 pound bag (23 kilograms), you will receive between 48-52 pairs of shoes, with this exact number of pairs. In a 55 pound bag (25 kilograms), you can expect between 52-56 pairs of shoes.

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