Eastern Europe

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Ready to help fulfill all your clothing and shoe needs, Bata Enterprises is proud to offer an expanded suite of services to our clients in Eastern Europe.

Bata Enterprises is an industry leader in the East and West Africa regions, and has over 20 years of experience in wholesale clothes and shoes. Learn more about us here.

Wholesale Shoes

Bata Enterprises offers bulk shipments of graded, sorted, and paired new and used shoes.

When a pair of shoes enters our warehouse, it’s immediately subjected to our rigorous quality standards and testing process. We sort based on the quality standards of the region, and triple-check each new item to ensure proper classification.

After sorting, we ensure each shoe is paired with its partner. If it isn’t paired, it isn’t shipped.

Once this process is complete, the shoes are ready to be shipped straight to your market, wherever it is!

What Makes Bata Enterprises Better

With over 20 years of experience in the wholesale marketplace, Bata Enterprises is an industry leader in the African market. Our stringent grading procedures and stellar customer service have set us above our competition, and earned us a reputation as trustworthy and reliable.

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