Cream Grade Used Shoes

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    Bata Enterprises, Inc. takes pride in ensuring the absolute best quality of used shoe for its clients, and our cream-grade shoes are no exception.

    Bata sets the bar for used shoe quality with its cream grade line of shoes. Barely used and in nearly prime condition, these shoes are graded cream due to a nearly indistinguishable or unrecognizable material wear, an utterly sound shoe structural integrity, and an untouched and completely unmarred fabric quality.

    All wholesale used shoes sold by Bata Enterprises are graded in-house, by our trained and coordinated team of experts. That means that Bata's stamp of quality approval is on your cream-grade shoes from beginning to end, from the moment they enter our warehouse to the moment they leave yours.

    In each bag of cream grade used  shoes, you will receive

    • 6 pairs of sports shoes
    • 4 pairs of men's dress shoes
    • 10 pairs of children's shoes
    • The rest of the weight content will be filled by ladies' shoes

    Each bag of African cream grade used shoes weighs 50 pounds (23 kilograms), and you can expect between 48-52 sets of paired footwear.

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