Central America

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After decades of success in Africa, we are now offering our services to the Central American market.

BataUSA is proud to help our providers deliver high-quality, pre-sorted bulk Central American shoes to their customers.

We strive to export our high-quality products to your port of call, even internationally, without any delay or issues. We’ll work with you to ship your Central American wholesale shoes to your schedule, and to your port and city of choice. Whenever you need your next shipment of bulk Central American shoes, BataUSA is here to help.

Used Shoes

BataUSA is a top sorter and provider of secondhand, after-market shoes in the global marketplace. When we ship our Central American wholesale shoes, each pair has been hand-sorted beforehand to meet our quality standards.

Our used shoes are only gently worn, with many only qualifying as used by a technicality. These secondhand bulk shoes are purchased from secondhand stores and from charity providers, then sorted by a team of in-house experts.

When a pair of Central American wholesale shoes arrives at our warehouse, it’s sorted into one of three categories - Grade #1, Grade #2, and Cream. Every shoe that BataUSA provides is sorted in-house by our shoe-grading experts, and paired with a counterpart before shipment.

If we don’t find both shoes, the pair doesn’t ship. If the secondhand bulk shoes aren’t at the level of quality we expect, the pair doesn’t ship. We sort according to world-standard Central American guidelines. You can read more about our shoes (and our sorting process) by viewing our African market’s guidelines and sorting, here.

New Shoes

In addition to our used shoe shipments, BataUSA also offers shipments of new bulk Central American shoes, which are sorted into Wholesale Athletic and Wholesale Mixed packs. You can learn more about the distinction between these groups of secondhand bulk shoes by clicking here.

Why BataUSA?

Bata has over 20 years of experience in clothing and shoe wholesale, making us one of the oldest legitimate providers on the market. Coupled with our commitment to honest, fair trading and our dedication the quality, we are a preferred source for Central American wholesale shoes.

When you work with BataUSA to purchase Central American wholesale shoes, you’re working with a company that stands by our standards of quality. We’ll work with you to build your products for your market, with a world-class customer support department. BataUSA is staffed a team that’s dedicated to on-time, dependable and well-sorted products.

If you’re ready to work with a company that’s built around your interests and needs, contact us today.