African Market

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Bata Enterprises is a top provider of African wholesale shoes.

Each year, we send out tens of thousands of bulk shoes to the African market, graded by hand in our own facility.

Our Used Shoes

Bata Enterprises is proud to offer bundles of high-quality, bulk African wholesale shoes from our warehouse in Southern California.

Each pair of bulk African shoes are individually sorted, graded, and bundled according to our guidelines for bulk shoes. Each shoe is paired with its counterpart before shipping, and we hold ourselves as the industry standard for quality. Our bulk African wholesale shoes are sorted into grade #2, grade #1 and creme grade bundles.

We've adhered to our quality guidelines for years, with decades of satisfied customers to show for it. These guidelines can be found here.

Our New Shoes

Bata also offers African wholesale shoes in like-new, sorted bundles. These shoes are store overflow, shelf pulls, and returns, and are in as good a condition as they are in a retailer. The difference? Going outside the retail channels allow us to resell these bulk shoes at a tenth of the price!

Our new African wholesale shoes are pulled from a variety of sources, including retail stores and factory overflow.

After ordering a bundle of new graded African shoes from Bata Enterprises, you can rest assured that they missed retail by a technicality, not because of quality. Our sorting team works hard to catch defects and other flaws before they ever leave our factory. Our customer support team is standing by, ready to help keep your shipments of new African wholesale shoes clean, fresh and flawless.

And the result? Bundles of bulk African wholesale new shoes that can go below retail - sometimes, at up to a tenth of the price!
Contact us today and see how we can put those savings into your pocket.

Used Clothes

In addition to our wide catalog of African wholesale shoes, Bata also provides pre-sorted used clothing. We provide both Africa #1 and Africa #2 bales, as well as specially-sorted tropical used.

All our used clothing is sorted into bales by hand, by our in-house team of sorting experts. Each bale is weighed to be 450 kg (1000 lbs) before shipping. Usually, this clothing accompanies our African wholesale shoes during shipment, and we provide high volume at fair prices.

If you’re interested in seeing more about what differentiates our quality standards, that information can be viewed here.


The Bata Difference

With over 20 years of experience in shipping bulk African wholesale shoes, Bata Enterprises is well-qualified to work with anyone involved in the market. We have a history and reputation of being reliable, and honest in our trading. When you work with Bata Enterprises to provide your African wholesale shoes, you’re working with an experienced hand that can back up its practices. We’re a top provider of African wholesale shoes and clothing, and work to represent our market with the most proud and legitimate face possible.

We stand by our standard of quality. The customer support team for our African wholesale shoes is readily available, to talk about quality concerns or sorting procedures. Our warehouse doors are always open to potential clients.

When you work with Bata Enterprises, you’re working with a company you can trust.

Contact us today.