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Est. 1993

Bata Enterprises is dedicated to helping worldwide wholesalers and distributors maintain a well-sorted and high-quality inventory of sorted, graded, like-new and gently-used shoes and clothing, with a focus on high-quality customer service. Learn More >>>

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New Shoes

Bata Enterprises, Inc. specializes in creating name brand athletic and casual footwear packs for export which is customized to suit international markets. We work tirelessly with our clients and vendors to ensure the best merchandise with exceptional pricing!


Used Shoes

Bata Enterprises, Inc. works closely with our non-profit partners who provide quality recycled products, thus allowing our company to give back to community programs, local organizations, and charities. Giving back is an integral part of our business, it enables us to help those in need and keeps tons of usable goods out of landfills.


Used Clothing

Bata Enterprises also sells used clothing, handbags/purses, belts, baseball caps, school bags, backpacks, and laptop cases. Learn more about our used and recycled products on our Used Clothing page.



Bata Enterprises has over a decade of experience shipping products to the African market.

Middle East

Bata Enterprises is a proud supplier of sensible, budgeted Middle-Eastern clothing and shoe solutions.

South and Central America

Bata Enterprises is happy to offer high-quality used and like-new shoes to our South and Central American clients.